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I am now in my fifties and when I first saw this book I had my suspicions. I bet it was written by a covert gym-bunny, beguiling me with a safe title only to end up trying to persuade me to train for that ultramarathon by going to the gym five days a week. Fortunately, it was not. The author is clearly ‘one of us’ – the great ungymed, second from last in the sack race, last to picked for team sports, etc, etc. There is no hard-sell on the exercise front. Instead, it is gently persuading you to add some movement into your day in easily accessible chunks. Stand on one leg whilst brushing your teeth, go for a walk, do a bit of dancing when no-one’s looking. The aim is to get you through the marathon of life without seizing up, not to run the London Marathon. It has persuaded me to go on a walk every morning and do some light squats and press-ups. I’ll never be superfit, but if it means that I am more mobile in ten or twenty years’ time then it’ll worth it. And that is the point.



Time to get moving!

I really enjoyed this book. There are lots of top tips which have inspired me to move more. It is both entertaining and informative, written with humour and so relatable. If you are looking for something to help motivate you to get fitter I recommend you read this book!

J Crick

I loved this book – it feels like a conversation with a friend, giving loads of really useful, engaging advice! I’ve referred back to bits when I need a refresher and enjoy Katie Mackenzie’s approach to reframing how we think about sport, exercise and fitness. I’m already making changes in how I’m approaching the new year avoiding the dreaded “resolutions”! Thank you, Katie 🙂



I love reading and I read this book in one sitting. It’s the first time I’ve done this with a book. I was obviously ready for the information Kate Mackenzie so cleverly presented. Her writing is clear, accessible and she deals with the subject matter of health, fitness and motivation with empathy and realism. I cannot recommend this book enough. I intend to dip in when I need a reminder or motivation. 5 out of 5? No. 7. 😉



Absolutely loved the book. It’s so inspiring. I’m going to recommend to everyone.



Having suffered from a very all or nothing attitude to exercise for years, I think this book will break that cycle.
The information about why *any* activity is good for your physical and mental health is provided with empathy and humour! I found the practical ideas about how to work extra movement into everyday life very useful.
“Easy Fitness” is positive and encouraging, definitely a book I can turn to for motivation when my enthusiasm takes a dive!


As an older person, exercise manuals can be intimidating, but this was right up my street! It is always reassuring to have someone tell you that you are doing just fine and that walking the dog is good enough if that is all you can manage, but on the other hand there are lots of ideas for doing more exercise without really noticing. There are some quite technical bits in the book where the author delves into subjects such as meditation, but it is all very readable and enlightening. Very well written and engaging.


Such a positive book, really encouraging and motivational. Definitely something I will go back to again and again for a pick-me-up. I’m going to put my trainers on and get out there!


I read this book as I’ve never enjoyed exercising and I loved the way the book felt like it was written for me! Very engaging writing, talks about the benefits of exercise but in a different way from other books I have read. Since reading the book I have bought a dog and walk at least half an hour a day which before I might have felt wasn’t enough ‘proper’ exercise, but after reading this book it gives you permission to do what you can and appreciate it’s enough! Motivating, encouraging and definitely recommended.

Amazon Customer

I found this a great book for encouraging me to look at the daily activities I undertake and seeing how I can get more benefit from them, even things that I would not have considered “exercise”. Katie looks at a lot of the topics associated with exercise and treats them is a new way. Most of us know, or have been told, that exercise is good for us, but usually that comes with some sort of fitness regime which seems like an extra thing that has to be done within an already busy schedule. Katie shows that you can incorporate fitness and movement into everyday living and that it can be fun and not a demand. She is good at taking what may be complicated subjects and explaining them in ways that are easy to understand, often associating them with her own experiences. She also gives lots of practical advice on the hundreds of ways to get moving, whether in the comfort of your own home, or through taking part in group activites. Do buy this book if you find it difficult to get moving; you will surprise yourself!

Amazon Customer

This book is like having a cup of tea with your best friend. The ideas and thoughts she puts forward will get you moving in a different way.
A daily stroll round the block or park is simple and easy. But more importantly she points out that it is enough. I found that the author really wants us to find an appreciation in our surroundings, and movement not only because it’s better for us but we will be more likely to choose a type of exercise that sparks that in us – rather than the ‘ I must go to the gym’ and then not doing it. I found that after reading each chapter my need to move was inspiring and I did indeed find myself vacuuming to Madonna’s Living on a Prayer album. So now you have visions of a mad woman dancing around her living room singing and dancing with a vacuum cleaner. Buy the book and then write your review and share your inspired funny and joyful moves. Thank you Katie Mackenzie for not prescribing the usual gym or legs bums and runs instead an enjoyable way to move that isn’t a one size fits all.


Insightful and relatable. I related to it and it was motivating. Also, it made me laugh, as my feelings about exercise were mirrored in the text. It’s a very honest account about how we perceive exercise and image. Recommend!


East Anglia