• Motivation

    Some quick thoughts on a very wet and windy November Thursday

    The weather is grim today. But I’m working from home and had planned to get out for a run at lunchtime. When the time came I really couldn’t face running in the rain and especially the wind. However, I did put on my boots and big coat and went out for a walk instead. I grabbed my headphones and listened to the latest episode of the Adam Buxton podcast while I stomped for an hour in the rain, which got progressively heavier and heavier. I can’t say I enjoyed it exactly, but I did have a nice hot shower when I got home and I’m glad I’ve had some fresh…

  • Motivation

    Ways to get moving

    Here is a list of ideas for how to get more movement into your everyday life. This was first published in Easy Fitness for Quitters. Available wherever you buy your books or ebooks! This isn’t an exhaustive list, and I am sure you will have some of your own. The idea is to start thinking about moving more and where you could add more movement into your day. Become more aware of when you are sedentary or times you might be taking the easy option or avoiding movement. Here are some ideas you could try: Balance on one leg, one minute on each side, while cleaning your teeth. Balancing on…