Some quick thoughts on a very wet and windy November Thursday

The weather is grim today. But I’m working from home and had planned to get out for a run at lunchtime.

When the time came I really couldn’t face running in the rain and especially the wind. However, I did put on my boots and big coat and went out for a walk instead. I grabbed my headphones and listened to the latest episode of the Adam Buxton podcast while I stomped for an hour in the rain, which got progressively heavier and heavier. I can’t say I enjoyed it exactly, but I did have a nice hot shower when I got home and I’m glad I’ve had some fresh air and exercise. (Rather too much fresh air.)

Other than podcasts, what helps me get moving when I don’t fancy it?

Music is my favourite, which is why I’ve shared my Spotify playlist:

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Inspirational quotes can be a bit hit and miss, depending on my mood. Sometimes I find them helpful, other times they annoy the hell out of me. I’ve got a Pinterest board here with some of my favourites:

Another thing that works for me is to appeal to my competitive nature, and my desire not to fail or let anyone down. Run Up to Christmas is about to start, which I’m joining with friends for the third time:

I will be walking most of my miles this year as I’ve not done much running recently.

Failing that, there’s always tomorrow…

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